Reference point for those who want in their wardrobe, clothes that, with high quality fabrics and perfect fit.

Sartoria Corti Montecchi to meet your every need makes tailor-made clothes completely personalized and sewn by hand.
Shirts and suits for men and complete outfits for women.
You will be best advised in the choice of fabric and model for your dress (photo of the certificate of image consultant)
“Specializing in the creation of formal and evening wear, I also dedicate myself to casual garments, always maintaining the care for details and the excellence of the fabrics”


Fratelli Tosetti
Schmitz & Lombard

Reorganization of the wardrobe

A day together to renew your image and make your wardrobe functional.
After a brief image consultation where I will let you discover the colors and volumes that enhance your silhouette, we will select each item in your wardrobe to understand which ones to keep, which ones to modify, which ones to discard and above all why.
We will then combine them in order to create the various outfits according to your needs.

Stylistic consultancy for ceremonies

In the day that will always remain in your memories is the evaluation of every little detail, from your outfit to that of the people closest to you, so that everything is harmonious with the style of the ceremony.

Home service

This service is aimed at companies and individuals.
If you live far from the Laboratory or simply prefer to choose your home or office for orders and tests; just request it through the contacts on the dedicated page.


The decades of experience in the construction of clothing and outerwear, an innate passion in transmitting this art, allow me to organize modeling, cutting and sewing courses, dynamic, fun and practical.
Cyclically for groups articulated in various levels and on request for single lessons.