Handmade in Italy

I am Sara,
I create unique fully hand made garments.
In my design laboratory you will find Italian high quality fabrics which I am able to turn into the perfect outfit for you. I experiment with delight and I am open to new challenges and collaborations.
I live and work in Tuscany in a picturesque small village in the vicinities of Florence.
Here I draw inspiration for my creations, combining sartorial traditions and the embroidery that is typical of the Chianti region to an elegant and refined taste.
The accuracy in the details and the harmony between the garment and the person that wears it are the fundamental marks of my creations.

In a tiny little village situated in the Chianti hills, a wooden stick used to keep open the shelter of a garage where the inhabitant women of that street used to gather to saw and to embroider while chatting about cooking, husbands and children.
As I child, in addition to the usual games, I used to love being with them and I clearly recall the dedication and precision those women put in each and every single stitch.
It is only nowadays I realize the immeasurable cultural value of those masterpieces.
I believe it all started from there.

I could not figure out how difficult it was going to be since it is extremely rare and difficult to find
someone who can truly teach you the craft of the artisan, a great deal of time and commitment aremost needed.
Although it has not been the easiest thing, I have had many satisfactions one of them is when the New York Times published an entire dedicated page to me, describing my work. This made me very proud.

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I first started dedicating to the technical aspect by graduating at Polimoda as a pattern maker technician.
Amongst the different job opportunities I have had, I collaborated with a well known American company, the Hollywould N.Y., where I have acquired skills that complete the sartorial aspect with the footwear and accessories.
An important encounter has been the one with Master Forbici d’Oro (Golden Scissors – the highest title for a person who works within the sartorial field) Sir Vinicio Azzurri, who saw the potential in me and decided to teach me the secret art of the haute couture.

I personally chose the materials with great attention, everything has to meet perfection in order to become a masterpiece.
I can surely help you to find the kind of fabric and colour that best enhances your complexion and face, as well as to chose the right model to bring out the best in your shape and personality.

One of the techniques I make use of was born in France at the beginning of the 900 from the expert hands of Mademoiselle Viennet to make haute couture and this is called Moulage. This technique allows to build clothing directly onto the tailor’s dummy without the use of a paper model.

I have given my design laboratory the name Corti Montecchi to honour the women of my family who have passed down to me the love for the hand made.

Brunetta Corti my mum.
Italia Montecchi my grandmother.

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